Today is wasted if you wish for tomorrow!

Speaking of today….today is Jan 5th, Man I can’t believe how fast this year is flying. We are supposed to get buckets of snow beginning tomorrow afternoon…uh huh and monkeys might fly…you know the rest. So I went to the grocery store (cuz I NEVER do that) purchased provisions. Candles, batteries, lamp oil, food. Mitch cut up fire wood and went and filled up the propane tank. We are HOPING that is snows….we got two flakes last year and maybe twice that many the year before that. Now the year before that it snowed about 18 inches and yes, like a total bone head I went to work. While Mitch and Rachel stayed home and played ‘fox and geese’. Mitch got his ass run ragged being chased by 5, 11 year old girls. HA, I went to work…numbing fun!

So now here we are prepared to sit in front of the fire, reading, making tea, cozy under a blanket while the world passes us by. Work….did you say work? Aint gonna happen, I drive to much and there are Crazy people out there….crazy I tell ya!

New font style….kind a cool!

I better run I think I hear the snow plows! 🙂

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