Old dog new trick!

Today I learned how to add photos to my blog. Ta-Dah! As you can tell from the time lapse it has been a while since I’ve written. The Mr and I just got back from Idaho where we interned my dad at the Idaho Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery. Although daddy has been gone 10 years it’s still fresh. You might ask where he’s been….Lately Wyoming course he was cremated, thus the portability, He was with baby brother for past year or so. It was dad’s wish to travel from house to house of all us kids. With 7 years that’s some good traveling and places to be. We did have fun, because of all the goofy stories and stupid funny remarks we all have to interject. It was nice to see old friends (nothing personal) and relatives that have been in thought but not locale. Unfortunately about the time we had to hit the airport this morning, the husband started getting sick. He is currently in bed getting a serious grip on a case of the flu. I will be vacant from that bed room tonight. Wanna go veg now….Thanks Jodie for the tip on Picasa….Awesomely easy website.
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