Truly special

Yesterday after making cookies,doing laundry,cleaning the kitchen,making beds and having hummus and pita bread for lunch I was a bit tired. Mitch had been out chopping and stacking wood so when he was done he took a teeny snooze and felt all refreshed. When I mentioned that I needed to run to the store, but I was tired, he volunteered to run that errand so I could examine the inside of my eyelids for a short time.
Mitch left, and I relaxed horizontally in front of the fireplace, whilst drifting in and out to the sounds of soft Christmas tunes. The cats were snoozing as well….All was right with the world. After about 20 minutes I rubbed my eye only to find that my contact lens that been fused to my eyeball was now somewhere different on my face. Must move slow, can’t see to find said contact lens. AHA, here it is rolled up in a little ball teetering on my edge of my cheek. I retrieved it, gooped it up with saline and plooped it back in my eye. Much better on all parts, napping done, refreshed and back to work…..after all it is the first day of a 12 day vacation.
Mitch gets back and offers this story….
“As I’m standing in line at the check out I have the 20 pound bag of kitty litter on the floor in front of me and scoot it along as the line shortens. I notice out the of the corner of my eye, a cute elderly lady in a green knitted cap curiously taking in my impending purchases. I am busy looking at cover of the Globe that is featuring BatBoy Screaming,Saddem in a dress and kittens on death row. (great journalism, eh?) I hear this sweet voice…”Do you have kitties?” (Authors Note: I have to bite my tongue not spew out some smart ass retort even now, I don’t know how Mitch didn’t.) “Yes.” I reply. “Are they special or just regular kitties?” she inquires “Oh, sure they are special” I say. “Well what kind are they?” she asked. “Well, one is gray and one is black” I answer back, thinking how truly special our kitties are. “no, are they a special breed?” she forces. “nope, they’re just regular.” I say as I return to my mock interest in the Globe.

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