Ah tradition!

This last weekend sweet husband and I went to San Francisco to the Fancy Food Show. To food muggles it sounds fascinating, but to me I’ve been to so many food shows it’s just another day at work. One of the new trends were teas with names that play on the word tea…my how creative! So we came up with a few of our own, such as TeaUniverse,Teatotaller,Teabone,Tea-ya-later well you get the idea. There were also a shitload of olive oils from all across this wild planet and chocolates…who knew there were so many chocolates? I bet some of you did.
Sea salt is the big rage now too. “Our salt comes from the south sea off the coast of the Dilapidated islands. Might I scrape you off a taste?” I stopped using salt in a round container years ago….I generally only use kosher salt now. And guess what there is a difference. We (US people in general) are so trained to use what our mothers used that to have the door of the box opened to wander out and try new things is sometimes mind boggling.
I’ve heard this story of a woman who was making a pot roast the way her mother prepared it. Her mother is there in the kitchen, chatting with the daughter as she prepares the meal. Daughter takes out the roasting pan, puts the rack inside, pops it into the warm oven to heat it up a bit. While the pan is resting, she takes the smallish roast out of the fridge, unwraps it, rubs garlic and kosher salt on it and then cuts it in half. Upon removing the now warm pan from the oven, chatting with mom all the while, she places both halves of the roast in the pan, returns the lid and places it in the oven to bake. Mother looks at daughter, who by now is feeling quite accomplished and asks her why she cut the roast in half. Well, she stammers, because you always did. Mom starts laughing and almost looses control of herself. After a long minute she looks up wiping her eyes from tears of laughter and said that when she cut the roast in half that was because the pan was too small.

One thought on “Ah tradition!

  1. I’ve only recently stopped throwing spaghetti at the wall to test for doneness. It’s obviously too done at that point but that’s what I’d learned. Thanks Mom.

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