I know it’s a very well worn phrase, but I am so GLAD it’s Friday. To anyone who has every worked a food show I offer you the following that was created:

I can’t wait, it has been so long since I’ve been to a food show… that I simply can’t sleep at night. I lay awake thinking about the throngs of anxious customers pushing and shoving their way through the escalating crowd only to wait their turn at the splendidly adorned booths. All the while their heads snapping in every direction taking in all the new and exciting products that have never shown their upc’d little faces EVER at any show on earth. The cases ordered pile up and up and up, never to be tallied their numbers are so great. We ALL drink in the happy success of another GREAT food show and our principals are happy to participate, by not leaving early. The pens have run dry from the over use of cases ordered and delivery dates assigned, and we wipe our brows in pained pleasure as the clean up is magically done by the aftershow fairies. We vendors are whisked away in limousines to awaiting massages, hot tubs, and our favorite beverage of choice…all gratefully paid by the show host, as usual.
Yeah that’s right, that’s how it goes at a food show, now you know!

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