Before and After

What you have here is an actual case of before and after. Sweet husband and I have lived in this house for almost 4 years. We LOVE projects! We had a project forced on us about 2 years go when a drunk driver came around the corner and smashed into our serpentine brick wall. What you see in this photo represented here (let’s call it exhibit A) is the far right of where said drunk asshole hit the wall. The after photo (oddly enough exhibit B) is the finished project. When the driver took off, yes did I mention that the fucking bastard left the scene? anyhoo, he limped away and was not caught, in spite of our best efforts. He was rude enough to run into the wall, waking us up….(I thought we’d had an earthquake), we got his license plate, called the police and he freakin LEFT! The insurance handled the situation great and but we were out our $1000 deductible. But what to do?!? The bids that we got to replace the 12 feet of brick wall was just enough for us to have the whole thing torn down….by us of course, and replaced with nice rock wall. The rock wall wraps around the house on the north side (exhibit A) proceeds about 100 feets turns south and continues on another 100 feet. The wall graduates from 2ft to 4ft…quite impressive job the guy who made the new one. He did it all by hand! We are so pleased we had this done, it gave us a chance to add steps to the front of the house and landscape in a more practical and pretty way. We tackled everything but the actual wall building. We are big recyclers so we gave a lot of brick away and used alot of it in our garden area as paths. It was a hard job, but we love the results…Oh yeah and one more great thing! Today we received in the mail a check for $1000 from our insurance company, they found the guy and made him pay up. It’s been a good day!

2 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Loved the picture but I had the hit and run guy plowing into the wall on the OTHER street! Nice new steps by the way. I had pictured you having a new basement because the car hit so hard! Bye R

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