It’s Tuesday and I have a moment…

Weather update….rain! What do you expect, it’s Seattle. In a little bit, I will attend a food show, stay for less than 45 minutes and then drive to Portland. It’s a 3 hour drive and I do a lot of business down there. I don’t particularly like the drive in the rain, but I have new tires, so that helps.
Sweet husband and I are contemplating adding a second story to our house. We don’t necessarily need the room, but it would almost triple what we could sell this house for when we go to do that in about 3 years. We would do 80% of the work ourselves, like all the finish work, electrical, tiling, drywall, painting, you know all the fun stuff. The only problem is….where will we live in the meantime. I say rent a little trailer and live on the property. Hell we could even buy one and then sell it once we’re finished. We have a view, but with the addition we would enhance that greatly….and people with money looking for houses are all about the views and master suites and big bathrooms and walk in closets and “chef kitchen’s”,and all that crap. Funny thing….when we looked at this house for the first time, we didn’t actually think about the view, but we’ve really come to enjoy it. We had a water view in our last house, but it was in the form of a hose.
More later, when I return from Oregon.

One thought on “It’s Tuesday and I have a moment…

  1. I love the goat. Will you need help with the remodeling? I know a lovely couple: Juan and Inez. You might remember them from a couple of years back.

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