Ghosts of Easter Past

I remember when I was a little girl, about 5 years old, my dad was working in southeastern Idaho and my mom had taken my sister Gale and I with her to go see Dad. The other kids were in school and at home. Because of my dad’s job with Idaho Power he traveled to where the jobs were, he either lived in a motel or in later years his own pull behind trailer. Anyhoo, this particular trip was around Easter time. Often “us 3 girls” (I’ve always wondered if that phrase was grammatically correct, but after 47 years, it probably is by now) would attend church with grandma and this year was no exception. I recall mom taking us to what had to have been JC Penny’s and getting us all the Easter finery. Shiny black shoes, little hats, frilly dresses. I think we even had purses with plastic flowers on them. This is odd to me in several ways….usually you couldn’t tear my mom away from her antique Elna sewing machine where she manufactured underwear to barbie clothes. So whats with the the frilly dresses, why wasn’t she sewing? Frankly I don’t remember…and then again maybe I’m just remembering wrong. Anyway,we were stylin and most likely there was some social maneuver that we were unaware and “us 3 girls” were the pawn in one up-ance! We never did have a lot of money, but I don’t remember every going hungry or not having clothes to wear…but as any child can remember there were issues with the food and the clothes, but’s for another day.

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