NOT water skippers!

Seattle has this really cool thing the first weekend of May, it’s called “Opening Day”. This is the official first day of boating season. There are yachts, dinghies,skiffs, and skulls. When I first moved here I was working at a Kitchen Utensil store and we had displays of picnic supplies for boating season and I was befuddled, because I never heard of boating season before and never knew there was such a thing.
Anyhoo, many years later I took up the sport of rowing and I was captivated by the sport and was in the best shape of my life at age forty. Now seven years later as a non rower I still like to go watch the crew races, I don’t participate because alas sweet husband and I are the poster children for fat and happy…..and I wouldn’t change a thing! well except for the fat part!

2 thoughts on “NOT water skippers!

  1. Having gone to college in Boston, the Head of the Charles Regatta was like a national holiday there. You just made me miss those days. Although I was less a rower than a drinker. Still, both were crucial to the success of the weekend.

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