Since, it is still only 8:08pm, I shouldn’t be able to write a Thursday 13, but here goes.

13 things abut me and my life.

1. I am sad my sister had to put her dog down today.

2. It breaks my heart when I look at my 14 year old cat and wonder if she will be around for kibble in the morning.

3. It pisses me off when the 14 year old cat leaves smeg on the floor.

4. 14 year old kitten is totally delightful!

5. It might be midnight when I actually post.

6. There is really nothing to watch on TV right now, like I REALLY care!

7. I’ve never been anywhere tropical, in spite of having been all over the world.

8. I like to make people laugh.

9. I like it when someone makes me laugh.

10. If there is a Hell, I have a first class ticket, which is a definite upgrade.

11. I read Wendy Boucher EVERYDAY!!!

12. I couldn’t EVER do a 100 anything list.

13. I’d bore MYSELF!

4 thoughts on “Offically…

  1. Hello darling sister, I remember that picture. what a fun weekend that was, until jen getting her fingers caught in the door. Poor baby.
    Happy Mother’s day.

  2. Hm, never the less how bored you got, the list is good 🙂

    #1,2: Sorry, that makes me sad too…

    #3: Oops poops, but shouldn’t this have been number two? *lol*

    #6: Why watch TV when blogs exists?

    #8,9: Best things in life!

    #10: I have a friend (Miss Ass. Lifecruiser) that is like that too. But she claims that neither heaven or hell wants her. They kicked her out when she have been knocking on their doors several times.

    Maybe there is a über-heaven or über-hell that’s waiting?

  3. Pokey me is just getting around to catching up. Your Thursday Thirteen is terrific (not just the nice shout out about me).

    You know, my kitty is 14 or 15, and the other one is 10. Oldie Moldie looks pretty ragged these days but she still is a killer. I found two lizards without tails (or much life left) in my house yesterday and I know it was her. When she has one in her mouth, she brings it in and makes wild kitty noises. When I hear it, I know that she’s still sassy and not about to pass on.

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