Pets of the past!

It continually amazes me when we (a collective people) weep for the loss of a pet. It hurts so bad… Today I received an email from my second oldest sister announcing that Sam had lost his life due to congestive heart failure. She started out…”Don’t be sad” but I am. Sam was a sweet little dog that I actually named KING, because her husband found Sam in a parKING garage. When she told me the story 8 years ago, I stated his name should be King.
In fact when Sweet husband and sweet step daughter and I took a trek to Colorado, I kept telling them about this ferocious dog King they should be fearful of. (dangling participle?) Of course they bought it, hook-line-sinker and when they saw this little poof ball they fell instantly in love with him. The picture is of Sam from our trip that very hot summer.
I dedicate this blog to all the family pets we have known and loved…Sam, Kissa, Penny, Fred, Doofus, Buttons, Lucy, Cala, King and all the faithful friends we have loved through the years.

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