The 21st Century Welcomes Mr & Mrs Sweet Husband

Sweet Husband and I like to travel. We have been many places together and we plan on going many more places in the future. We enjoy those trips and like to bring home those special pictures…taken with our camera phone. We walked the streets of Washington DC snapping the Washington Monument,the Capitol,Lincoln Memorial. I have pics of the Golden Gate Bridge and fisherman’s Wharf and way off in the distance I have Alcatraz Island. Here’s a news flash folks, my sweet husband is a professional photographer. We have camera gear stowed all about the house, in very safe and secure places that couldn’t be burgled while we are out traveling…..because as you can surmise…it’s still at home. Don’t think for a minute that it’s sweet husbands fault…I hate carrying those heavy things. Think home alarm system….we don’t have one but you keep thinking that!
Here’s the other shoe dropping…I used to manage a camera store. On several occasions I would sell complete camera outfits to people that simply came into the store to buy passport photos. (I’m very persuasive.) Bottom line is Sweet Husband and I are too fucking lazy to bring a real camera on vacation. It’s too heavy and big…we’re outta film, whah whah whaaaa. We may as well bring a clay tablet and stylus and practice cuneiform. (dictionary)
So last evening after doing some research on the internet,we headed off to a
Major-northwest based-pain-in-the-ass-super-club-store to purchase a digital camera. The Bastards didn’t have it….we had braved first the busy Friday evening before a holiday roads and then parking lot, the shopping cart 500, the long lines, and we didn’t even get any tasty samples. We did, however, buy the 10,000 count Ibuprofen and some pita bread, so all wasn’t lost. Now don’t go thinking that we put the vitamin I in the pita pockets for a snack….ick.
In hiney-sight it was a good thing Store-Co was out of stock…we made our way back to the car, went to a different store, (with easy parking) and we got a better camera for LESS money! I loves me a bargain!
So we can now snap pics with the best of them. The most hilarious and ironic thing about this blog….blogger was having issues and I couldn’t post a picture. But here we are….my backyard, panorama of the back yard, in stitch mode

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