Ghost links

I have been trying for days, weeks, decades to insert links in my sidebar. Hoo-ray I finally figured out how….cept for one thing, they don’t show up. I figure the color of the font for the links must be the same as the color of the background. If you were to hover over that area between “google news and edit me” you will see the little hand and in the low part of the page you actual see the link. So if I said I’d link to you damnit, I did, sorta! lil help!

13 thoughts on “Ghost links

  1. Your comment at my Rainforest Cafe post is hilarious. Really. I can’t believe you called for delivery to table six. Now I can’t wait for my chance to do the same thing!

  2. That ghost link thing was kinda fun – like a grab bag (remember those?). I just went over there and the little hand took me over to Mom-101’s! Ain’t Blogger fun?

  3. Let me think how to do the link thing in ‘Blogger’ – I’ll email you. Blogger won’t let me put it in the comment section.

    Thanks for stopping by My Lighter Side :).

  4. Good morning, Wendy directed me here today!

    Good luck with your links, I’m off to look at your pictures:)

  5. Good luck with your links, I can’t do anything with my blog, soon as I try to change something, I mess something else up. LOL Dropping in today from Wendy’s place!

  6. Hi there…I too am a beginning blogger! Links aren’t too bad! I just ask my daughter…she’s goin’ to college to be educated in such stuff…lol!
    Wendy sent me today!

  7. Hello, Wendy got me over here, think I’ll stay and browse a while. I actually love the black and white photo below!

    I can’t hlep because me and blogger divorced a few months back due to pain in the ass stuff like links.

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