Momma don’t take that Kodachrome!

I was just over visiting Liberal Banana and Wendy Boucher and so now as a self proclaimed copy cat I am posting some “old photos”, simply to amuse Banana girl. This first pic is 2 of my sisters and myself, we were going to our cousins wedding. I am the littlest one who doesn’t quite know what to do with her hands or hair.
HAIR, did someone mention hair? My oldest sister who wasn’t present in the first photo decided to frost my hair. All of us girls were spending the summer at her house in California taking turns babysitting our nephew. I was 14 she was 26 and she should have known better. I’m sure she will laugh when she reads this. The color was so OFF she wouldn’t walk down the street with me, made me wear some garb on my head and walk behind everyone else. I dont’ suffer from any ‘visible’ emotional scars pertaining to my sister. The hair is another matter that will be explored in future posts. My hair is naturally dark brown and as you can see, it’s not only frosted, it’s downright frozen. (Dig the groovy earthquake pillows)

This next lovely photo is my first ride on a sail boat. This picture is ALWAYS on my fridge to remind me what it’s like to be young and have the wind blowing in my hair. My friend Sam, standing next to me also keeps a copy on her fridge. This keeps us connected since we now live in different states…whaaa! Several, if not millions of people think we were doing a photo shoot…for what I don’t know!

Last but not least here is my one of my favorite wedding photos. As you can see sweet husband and I are VERY serious….about having fun. Good thing my neck tendons didn’t snap, that would have made for a bad day! Nope, sweet husband was not saying ,arrrrrgggghhh!

4 thoughts on “Momma don’t take that Kodachrome!

  1. Where to start? I LOVE the picture of the three little girls but I think the neck tendoned bride photo wins as my favorite of the bunch. Only an honestly happy bride grins so hard she nearly breaks her neck.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I know exactly what you mean… I’m sure Florida is an old Indian word that means “torrential downpour”.. as for your blog issues, maybe try reloading your template…


  3. Thanks for uploading the pics for us – they’re super! The first one is SO cute and the wedding one is awesome. I think it’s so important to have a partner whom you can have fun with and who makes you laugh! You’re a lucky gal!

  4. Love the wedding pic – happiness is! And my husband once frosted the hell out of my hair – forgot to set the timer. Ooops.

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