Wait, there’s at least one more!

This is an addendum to the previous post.
My dear sweet eldest sister reminded me of a syno-matic slip up that, to this day still makes us both laugh out loud. In the days before 9/11 when one could go into the airport and sit with someone until their flight departed, I spent an afternoon with my dear sister who had a 4 hour layover in Seattle prior to her flight to Alaska. So being the good sister that I am, I went out to the airport so we could visit, afterall we didn’t get to see each other all that much. So we chat, and chat and catch up and the topic turns to books. “Oh, hey”, I said, “I heard about this new book that sounds really good, It’s called the “Flamingo Papers”, yakkity yak yak yak laugh laugh laugh and so on. It’s time for her to depart, so we hug and I wave and go off to my home. About 4 hours later I get this phone call from what sounds like a hysterical person, yet it’s dear sister laughing so hard she can hardly breath, (She may have even called from Anchorage Airport, while waiting for yet another flight….she lived way up there!)”Remember that book you were telling me about?? “Yes”, I say. “Well the actual name of the book is the “Pelican Brief”. Yes the John Grisham novel that went on to be a very large movie. We laughed so hard I was crying and I’m pretty sure their was a danger of moisture leakage in the under-roo area. I crack myself up. Plus, I’m a big dork, but you get what you see. Oh I get so close and all so innocently make a new joke. My sweet husband did inquire of me, that once I start getting Alzheimer’s how are we going to know….much more laughter unsued.

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