Can your hear me now!

You know when you are on vacation at some high strung place and you want to get as much done as possible? Well that’s what we did yesterday after we landed in Orlando at four in the afternoon, and checked into our hotel. Did I mention that Florida is really flat? It is…like a tortilla. We had purchased the Disney Park hopper for multiple days (did I mention that we have a house/cat sitter and there’s nothing worth stealing anyway?)so we hopped on into the Magic Kingdom, after we found the place, after we parked the car in the special up close parking, uh huh, after we walked the 1/4 mile to the express monorail to ride to the park gate just to get in. So ride we did, around the Disney lagoon and finally to the gate, where we promptly head for the Disney train that circles the park by choo-choo. Sweet husband and I have both been to Disneyland several times so of course we compare….I think you can see more from the train in DLand, why isn’t there a French Quarter by the Haunted Mansion in DWorld, or perhaps we haven’t looked hard enough. As we settled onto the train it was 6pm straight up…hey school is just letting out back home, let’s call sweet daughter. So we did and no we weren’t calling to rub it in that she didn’t want to come with us and that we were in DWorld and she wasn’t…like hell!!!
We had a great time last night! Disneyland/Disney World is a place that sweet husband and I had talked about coming to when we first started dating, so now here we are and having a blast. We closed the place down last night, the fireworks were awesome, but would you expect anyless from Disney.

3 thoughts on “Can your hear me now!

  1. Thanks for stopping by my party. Quite sadly, I haven’t figured out how to post a picture. I actually have one!

  2. Glad you had a nice time in Disney World! I wouldn’t think two adults could have great time there, so you’ve shown me something new! Good stuff!

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