Don’t make me pull this vacation over.

My sweet husband and I were having a great vacation in Central Florida, until water and moisture got involved. The first bit of moisture has to do with the ongoing sweat fest that we are experiencing due to the VERY high temperature. When there is a sweat fest one has a tendency to prespire and moistens ones clothes, resulting in sticky,icky stinky clothes. Day 2….more sweating…more icky clothes. Day 3 hotter still more stinky moist clothes. Day 4,let’s drive 2 hours north to St Augustine where it’s approximately 20 degrees HOTTER and see what happens then. Let’s just say I’ve never noticed that my wrists were capable of sweating. This is new to me! We arrived at the right time to watch the reenactment of the changing of the Flags from the Spanish to the British back in 1763. I got hot simply looking at these people dressed in the heavy wool clothes of the 18th century. As I recall there were alot of glazed looks on both armies, but someone had the presence of mind to have baggies of ice to hand out to the men to put under their Tricorns, quite clever. We watched the whole pomp and circumstance and then sought refuge in the cool shops. It really was neat to learn the history of the oldest city in the US. In addition, we have a good friend that grew up in the area, but we didn’t get to see her as she is now a transplant to Texas. Where was I, oh yes, we were going to seek refuge in the cool breezy air conditioned shops. The shop we end up in is the ONLY one in the whole east coast that doesn’t have AC. We end up there because they have really cool t-shirts. This where I discover that my wrists are sweating, I mention this to sweat husband who points out that his forearms are sweating and he’s never noticed that before under any circumstance. We are in this shop and one of the clerks bemoans the fact it is so hot. We quickly concur, that’s when the clerk bends over, picks up a small fan and says, “This is our AC” at which a stone that had been lodged in the fan grid is loosened and is projectiled out and goes whizzing past my right shoulder like a gun shot. It’s all fun and games until someone looses an eye, which only makes that extra funny because that’s the pirate
t-shirt I had just been looking at, so of course I purchase that one. We hadn’t quite made complete saturation but we were real close, so we decide to head back to the car to make our way back to cool refreshing Orlando. We drank much water on the way back and chit chatted about all sorts of things.
“Hey Sweet husband, when we arrive back in our hotel, let’s throw in a load of laundry before we head off for our dinner appointment.” So we did, all things clean and now fluffy dry…except for one thing. A Park hopper pass had been in a newly washed pants pocket and all that was left of that moist tidbit was the bar code. hmmm what to do? Well Disney being Disney, graciously replaced our ticket and all was not lost. So today everything is fine and all is well…oh wait there is one more mositure update, Hurricane Alberto will make landfall sometime Tuesday, did I mention that Florida needs the water.

4 thoughts on “Don’t make me pull this vacation over.

  1. You are making me homesick. Yes, I love the humidity. And the heat. It is so freaking dry here in Arizona that I had to buy a vat of cream the consistency of Crisco to smear on my legs and face. My skin loves Florida.

  2. You know, I was just watching something on TV where they said Orlando is one of the hottest places in the country, due in large part because of the humidity.I live nearby and I detest it!

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