Travel Day

Today we start the long journey home. Via Cleveland. What sort of freakin travel agent books people from Orlando through Cleveland. Why, my company travel agency that’s who. They must not know there are actual direct flights to and from Seattle and Orlando each and every day. I don’t recall asking for the longest layover possible with the ultimate potential of being in Ohio again. AND why are we not leaving at the crack of dawn which is my preference. Perhaps I’m cranky, I’m tired of being away from home and I never thought I’d say this but I’m jonesin for a Starbucks. We have been here 1 week and driven alot, and have yet to see a Starbucks. Granted there are 1273 Starbucks in the state of Washington with 1200 being in Seattle proper, so we are quite used to seeing them every where. People joke about Starbucks opeing up across the street from one another….I actually saw this happen in West Seattle, where one was a ‘test’ store with meals. Take it from me marketers, if it’s an easy turn in for me, I go to the one that’s on my side of the street….if it’s a drive in, all the better. Anyway I digress.
I’m tired of being cut off by things on wheels, be it strollers with in attentive drivers, wheel chairs,Automobiles or Segue’s, they’re all here in Orlando and all seemingly in the same place at the same time. We have, however, had good parking karma, so that has helped. I love vaction, but I love being home better. I like hard work with results. This vacation has been fun, but hard work, dodging people, listening to cranky people yelling at their children, deciding where to eat and what to drink. The other day at a very nice Italian place in Epcot, I wanted to come across the table at this dad, who was calling his 5 year old daughter a jerk because she knocked over her drink. “Listen dumbass”, I woulda said, “kids knock shit over, quit being such a dick, stop embarrassing your wife and clean up the mess and shut up about it” but I didn’t I watched the little girl start to cry, crawl up in mommies lap while mommie shot daddy daggers the size of Georgia. I am not the parental police, but I do know pompas windbags when I see them, he must have been their leader. Poor kid, I hope the mom counteracts those negative interludes and shows her daughter the positive side of existing.
Anyway, I need to go pack, and all that fun stuff. Maybe I’ll find time to be ‘hip’ and post from an airport, most likely Cleveland, where we have a 4 hour layover. At least we have reserved seats…on the same plane…going in the same direction.

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