13 things I did on Thursday

1. Returned home from work-cation! It was after midnight when we drove into our very own driveway.

2. Slept without the benefit of snoring.

3. Slept with the benefit of purring.

4. Like to think that snoring is purring

5. Woke up WAY too early from the late flight

6. Went to the dentist…did I mention I don’t really like going to the dentist?

7. Went to the new office after going to the dentist.

8. Had only 28 emails to view.

9. Answered those 28 and the others that I had been keeping at arms length.

10. Had office coffee for the first time…I didn’t hate it!

11. Ate carrots, celery and baked Lays for lunch from the same place I bought push pins, a calligraphy pen and teensy nails.

12. Made numerous phone calls for which I await an answer

13. Made an inane list of seemingly important things I did today. Must sleep!

2 thoughts on “13 things I did on Thursday

  1. Sorry for the first link. Dad burnit but I forgot to type in blogspot.
    And don’t you just hate it when someone writes to you all in lower case and the spelling sucks? yeah, me too. 🙂

  2. I actually like going to the dentist (but only for cleaning) because I love clean teeth! I would go more often if my insurance covered it better.

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