13 places I have friends

1. Lake Forest Park Washington, he just left for work, my very best friend, my Sweet Husband. He is my goal and reward for getting home safe everyday.
2. Grand Junction Colorado, my best friend Spam, my name for her and no she doesn’t Spam at all, don’t think she’d know how.
3. Emmett, Idaho, my sweet sweet sister, Gale. Very funny and goofy. Gotta a brother and mom there too.
4. Dillingham Alaska, my eldest sweet sister, Royce will kick ANYONE’s ass in Scrabble, I love to make her laugh just so I can hear her laugh.
5. Denver Colorado, yet another sweet sister,Ellen, the one who just lost her dog.
6. Boring, Oregon, yes it’s actually a real place…google it, I dare ya. My guitar pickin brother Phil and wife Jody. I am neglectful of visiting them EVERY time I got to Portland and have not gone to visit. sorry, Check out his website.
7. Can’t forget someplace in Wyoming, I have a younger brother Jim, in Wyoming doing something, but I’m not sure what.
8. Truku Finland, my friend Cindy, who married a native Fin, had two girls, her husband wanted to try again for a boy and then had twin girls….that’ll show him.
9. Dayton Washington, my friends Chuck and Rayleen, moved there to open a deli/bakery and they are a TOTAL success. If you’re ever in the area…
10. Minneapolis, MN, Diane and Leslie and their two sons. When I met the sons for the first time I asked what they called their mommies. Diane is Mama, and Leslie is Mommy…a sweet wonderful loving family. Same sperm doner, just in case you were wondering.
11. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio…Dawn, the only person (that I know of) who actually designated me as her weirdest friend. I wear the badge proudly, yet weird is only relative.
12. Some where in Texas, maybe Houston, Cindy who is transplanting from St Augustine FL to Texas to marry the love of her life and continue on to medical school. I met her at our rowing club and then we moved into the same neighborhood, then she moved back to Florida.
13. Internet, too many bloggers to name by name, but you know who you are and where you are for that matter.

6 thoughts on “13 places I have friends

  1. You won! Go check out my follow up comment for your choice of prizes.

    Thanks for playing (and your hubby too!)

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