Frank, where art thou?

Today some weird shit happened. I got up early because I was afraid I was going to miss something….like summer. The weather is supposed to be nice for several days, in the high 70’s and 80’s so I didn’t want to sleep through it so I got up at 6:20am.
Sweet husband and I took our coffee outside on the patio and then our neighbor came over and we talked for a while.
We moved TV and internet cables that were stapled to the outside of the house to the attic. We went to Lowe’s for paint and primer and are ready to paint the house once we prep and viola’, we are almost donem except for the prepping and the actual painting.. So we power washed and scrubbed and power washed some more…..then we went for ice cream to Dairy Queen. Those Dairy Queens are so few and far between, dang it, but I have noticed they are most likely in the same strip mall as a liquor store, which makes it oh so handy for us.
We drove home, pulled in the driveway and noticed a neighbor boy at our front doorway, with a fist full of mail that he thoughts was ours,it wasn’t, so sweet husband pointed him the right direction and off he went. I heard a noise, turned my head toward the back gate and saw a man walking out of our backyard. It was Frank, the nice old man that we suspected and verified to day, who has Alzheimers. He was lost and didn’t know where he was and was trying to find out which way to go. We don’t know for sure what house he lives in, but we see him so often we know he is close. We offered several times to walk with him to make sure he got to where he was going, and it could have ended in a wild goose chase, but he said no. He seemed to know after a while, which way to go, so he left. After he left, we drove the neighborhood looking for him, but to no avail. We will keep an eye out for him and I will keep you posted. We suspected his Alzheimers for a while, because everytime he would walk by, he would ask our names, and ask what we were doing to our yard….it was always the same project for several weeks…building a new rock wall. I trust he is ok and I even mentioned to Sweet Husband earlier in the day that we hadn’t seen Frank in a while….little did I know he was lost and wandering around in our back yard. It makes me so sad.

3 thoughts on “Frank, where art thou?

  1. Jeez! I FINALLY found the comments section! I really did not like the email thing where I was being encouraged to join the blogging community. Um to get back to Alzheimer’s….I used to have a real horror of being a full Alzheimer’s person or having some other mental deficiency. Then I remember hearing a comedian doing a bit about being locked inside your head and his comment was “What if that person is having the BEST time of their life?” Hmmmm. Something to think about when Frank is wandering around the neighborhood. Um anyone think about putting a beeper on him?

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