Due to popular demand

Da-da-da-da!!!! Here are the colors that we are painting the house. These are the colors that will be in my hair, on my forearms and my sweet husbands work clothes because he will have forgotten to change. It was a long and laborious task of deciding the colors, green tea being the body of the house and the creamy color, the trim. We don’t have a lot of trim,but it will look great.
So today we are all excited to start painting and we run up against one wall (pardon the pun) and then another. So we decided to play it safe and relax today, heat was an issue, so was wet eaves, in spite of the heat. After reading, taking a nap and sweet husband playing video football, we played Scrabble in the shade of the backyard. I will now take this opportunity to go public and state that Sweet husband actually beat my sister Royce at Scrabble and she called him a worthy opponent. So there, I stand corrected. (I’ve mentioned to sweet husband numerous times that he should edit my blogs prior to posting….)anyhoo in the course of any game I always come up with a theme and variation of the game of Srcabble. (mostly due to the actual letters I have.) Today it was “Gangsta Scrabble” I had all the letters to misspell anything intentionally, as is the trend. Sweet husband of course took it to the next level and was doing the gang signs and waving airguns at me sideways because I had “misspelled” ASK. As in ” I axed you a question ho'” Think of the possibilities, and here most of us thought that Monopoly was the only one to cater their games to different lifestyles. Sweet husband and I are only entertaining to ourselves and would probably bore the crap out of anyone remotely within hearing distance. End result….he whooped my sorry ass when he ended with a triple word score worth at least a bizillion points. REMATCH coming.

7 thoughts on “Due to popular demand

  1. I can’t even get Hubby to play Scrabble with me anymore. It’s my favorite game but I always kick his butt. He kicks mine at everything else so occasionally I get him to play some pity Scrabble.

  2. I like your version because I can never figure out the actual rules. Can you use a dictionary or not? Are proper nouns allowed? Slang words? Maybe in gangsta I could kick some ass – BEEZOTCH (28pts!)

  3. I can’t get Rocky to sit down long enough to play any kind of board game. But if it has something to do with throwing (darts, horse shoes, knives) he is all over it.


  4. Oh, I love the Green Tea Leaf…nice!

    I can’t play Scrabble. I love it. But I always want to cheat…and I don’t want to be a cheater, so I can’t play…

    My nanny plays a ton of scrabble with her fiancee. And she only learned English a few years ago. So her fiance LETS her cheat…I think that;s nice…

  5. I am not a Scrabble purist but after playing 20 or so games with a co-worker in Barrow, we decided to play “substitute rules” Those rules allow you to take the blank from the board and replace it with the appropriate letter from your 7 lettered “beans”. Adds a few options for bigger scores. I have also been known to play “No real words allowed” Scrabble. The word you compose must NOT exist, it must consist of vowel’s and consonants and you MUST use it in a sentence…one guaranteed to make the other players wet their pants.

  6. Oooooo SCRABBLE is my favorite game! And cheaters scrabble sounds SO much fun!!! I’m pretty sure that due to my terribly dull little existence I would probably find you and sweet husband to be uproariously entertaining! 😉

    Wendy directed me here today! I’ve got to get back to polishing my tap shoes now!

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