Insanity, perhaps not so temporary

A couple of weeks ago our office moved to a new location. We were given numbers to put on our office belongings and the movers would take them to the new location….sweet! After all was said and done, there was a shitload of leftover furnishings…like the little brown leather sofa that now adorns my back patio. What’s not to like about free? A friend of mine who works in the same business as I but is a competitor was in need of a file cabinet, so I offered to get one for her…no charge. Because I was in charge of moving the frozen and chilled food, I drove our 1970 Chevy Truck to work to haul stuff back and forth. I love this truck, it drives, er, like a truck, but a really fine one, as can see from the picture.(WHAT, there’s no picture…well I tried, damn blogger) We don’t drive it alot, usually to haul junk, compost and whatever we need from the hardware or home store.
So off I go to the old office. The movers are there and they’ve packed up the food. Excellent! So I start crusin for a file cabinet, put bids on one and the lovely sofa and those very kind movers, put them into the back of my truck. I think they were happy to help because I was in the process of cleaning out the walk in freezer and sent them home with enough food to feed nine families. People will always take free food.
So off I head toward the office, twiddle around there for a little bit on my laptop, pack that back up and throw it onto the floor of the truck and then head off to my friends house that isn’t to far away. Alas, she is not home and I can not and will not drive into her driveway which is so steep I fear for my life. This driveway if I were to slip would cause me to go rolling tumbling and screaming “as you wish” right into the south end of Lake Washington…not fun! Off loading a file cabinet was not in the picture today.
So now I’m hungry and it’s a warm day in Seattle. When I get hungry, I get cranky, must find food and quickly. I start off toward a sketchy part of town and see a KFC, or at this point, any port in a storm. I opt for what I hope is the easiest, quickest non life threatening food they have…chicken poppers and a large ice tea. It’s at this point I need to remind you that there are NO cup holders in 1970 truck, and I’ve set cups on the seat beside me before, only to have them test gravity to perfection. Gravity always wins! Computer cases drenched in ice tea…not so much!
So let’s see, I’m hungry, cranky, in a bad part of town, hot and smelley, what else could there be? Oh yes, the thumper that pulls up behind me threatening to pop every hard earned filling out of my fucking head, with his bull shit music. MUSIC…I think not! I’ve manage to fling the now sopping computer case to the far side of the truck out of the pool of tea, so danger is averted there. I start stuffing popcorn chicken in my face so I will have free hands to hold the remainder of my ice tea. My precious ice tea, so cool and refreshing, now without a speck of ice…it’s on the damp carpet, sneaking under my computer bag. FUCK! I am now at a stop light and thumper is still behind me and I’ve had about all I can handle. I lean out the window, and yell at the top of my lungs “Turn that fucking shit OFF” I am a crazy woman, and I know it. But right then and there I felt vindicated for every other time I wanted to yell like that and didn’t. In slow motion people stopped and looked and pointed at the brave little white girl in her beater truck. They applauded my tenactiy and bravery…yeah like they could hear me over that freakin noise. The light changed, I started driving and as I drove toward home….I started laughing hysterically because I KNEW I looked like a sweat covered mad woman, and the moment had passed. I was fed, on my way home and pondering which hearing aid company to invest in for my future wealth. So there you have it, the good thing? I didn’t make the news!

15 thoughts on “Insanity, perhaps not so temporary

  1. Good story, I felt like I was there. But it still doesn’t top the one about the guy who hit your wall. Did you keep a copy of that? It was great!

  2. I.E.D. it runs in the family!!

    Intermittent Explosive Disorder

    Unfortunately they found any good drugs for it yet!

  3. so sad, an entire generation of prematurely deaf people. Sign language will be big in the future, very colorful gansta sign. OY!

  4. Here from Wendy’s tonight! Glad everything was okay, except that you couldn’t deliver the stuff to your friend…! Ah well…maybe tomorrow!

  5. Thanks for coming by my site through Wendy (I had the picture of the beached ship). Do you know what the name of the beach that it is at? I can’t remember.

    p.s. I was raised just north of the border, just across from Blaine, WA.

  6. There have been so many times that I wanted to yell out of my car window at someone. 🙂

    Wendy directed me here today.

  7. I’m here from Wendy’s too but I don’t think it means the same thing. It’s that other internet Wendy. I’m glad you didn’t get mauled in a road rage incident. It sounds like you looked too scary to mess with.

  8. Hi, I often have ‘woman on the edge days’ and definitely wish I had yelled at the poeple annoying me when I hadn’t! I don’t get the loud thumping music thing either – they do it in the UK too and why is it always the worst ‘music’ possible?? I’m with you on this one, and I think your behaviour is totally vindicated after a day like that! Wendy sent me btw!

  9. Well this is my first time responding to a blog, don’t I feel grown up. Little sister you have done what I have only dreamed of by screaming at the loud music. Bravo…..

  10. Now THAT was a frickin funny story! I busted out laughing at the part where you yell at the thumper! You Rock!

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