Summer really doesn’t begin until July 5th anyway.

We in the Great Pacific Northwest have had a wonderful string of nice warm weather. There have even been some sweaty hot days thrown in for good measure. So today, the 4th of July, I awake to the sound of rain pitter pattering on the roof, and it smells clean outside. This is an unexpected rainstorm as all indications on the forecasts were clear and warm for the next several days, but we all know how that works. This is just a baby rain burst and nothing with longevity. I have spent many a July 4th watching a downpour with NO hope of ever going outside. I just peaked outside and we are ok, I saw blue sky….crisis averted.
We were going to get up early and do some painting on the house, clean up, set up the croquet field and revel in relaxation for the rest of the day. We have a few friends coming over to watch the fireworks. Did I mention that we don’t have to go ANYWHERE to watch a spectacular show of fireworks? Nope, maybe only from the inside to the outside to get a better view. When we bought his house we had no idea we would have this benefit, but it’s quite awesome. We live on the north end of Lake Washington, just outside of Seattle and we can see up and down the lake and can watch fireworks from Bellevue to Monroe…we are lucky people. So everybody stay safe, have a bucket of water handy for those personal lighting of fireworks and please don’t blow your hands off, it’s hard to type that way and I would miss your blogging.

2 thoughts on “Summer really doesn’t begin until July 5th anyway.

  1. We have decided to stay home and enjoy the solitude of listening to other people’s whistlin’ Petes. Our fireworkds with consist of pellet guns and squirrel bodies. I caught another one planting his butt in my birdfeeder. Not on my watch. But we will also watch a movie or 2, eat steak and bake potatos. Maybe wash someof this red out of my hair. Be safe!

  2. Very quiet Fourth up here in Dillingham, AK. Everyone shot off their fireworks this previous week. Scared off the bears, excited the dogs. Can’t decide what to pack and mail next. Yawn, must go take a nap. (smiles)

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