Green Thumb

The photo that I have posted is a recent (as in 20 minutes ago) picture of our vegetable garden. Everything is lush and green and we’ve been partaking of salad greens, onions, chives, all the herbs and snap peas already. I am most anxious for the tomatoes, because frankly they are the best. We usually have tomatoes into November , but last year I got anxious and pulled the plants out too early, in my desire to clean stuff up. People in our neighborhood, whom we don’t know, stop and ask to purchase tomatoes, but we always have so many we give them away. I love the agricultural life and the new friends we harvest.
We opted for raised beds, because we had the stuff to make them. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but it seems to work for us. We are also big recyclers so when we had to take out the old brick wall we put the brick in as paths between the raised beds, I love it for taking care of the weeding problem. Now here is the question of the day….why don’t aphids eat chickweed and then the slugs eat the aphids….doesn’t that sound more like the circle of life?
Sorry to bore you with garden stuff, but it’s what we do.

9 thoughts on “Green Thumb

  1. We would love to garden, but then we would have to cut down several of our shade trees, which we also love…

    Choices, choices, choices…

  2. Pretty!
    Still think you need to sit down and try to put together the brickwall story….so funny. Happy gardening, make salsa!

  3. I envy gardeners. Your garden is gorgeous. I have a black thumb but in my mind, I love to see myself with cute gardening gloves, a floppy hat and an apron full of fresh veggies. I just have to remember that it comes with lots of weed pulling, bug management and heat (Fla. after all). So no garden for me.

  4. Yeah – I’m with Wendy – what a beautiful garden! I am really jealous. Perhaps when I move in with the boyfriend, I can put a little garden together for myself! I may be coming to you for advice. 🙂

  5. Nice garden. Especially the lettuce. Fresh lettuce is SO much better than what is usually available in the markets here in Houston.

  6. Looks so pretty! I may have to break down and “garden” when I get home. Yeah and I will have to add money to the budget for the armed thug who will stand over me and MAKE me garden…dang.

  7. Your garden is lovely, you are so lucky to live where you can grow tomatoes. Here at 7000 ft Colorado tomatoes are impossible to grow. Enjoy the product of your labor….

  8. Boy wouldn’t that be sweet if aphids ate chickweed and slugs ate aphids. But then you’d probably have mutant slugs to deal with. We always drown our slugs in beer. Come to think of it – our slugs have a better nightlife than we do!

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