Brave, who me?

Wendy over at “Fire on the Poop Deck” had a situation with a snake, a very large and fearsome snake, in her back yard. I have to commend you dear Wendy for your bravery in the face of adversity, as for me, I would have cowered in the corner and then been terrified to go back in the yard thinking that this snake would have most likely NOT traveled alone. In my over active mind, this is a family snake that is always accompanied by his snakey wife and 7 of their 8 snakey children and for good measure and because they are family oriented grandma and grandpa snake are along for the slither too, both sets, paternal and maternal. That’s a shitload and a half of snakes. This lovely snake family watch hidden and in horror as the police and the snake wranglers of Tampa Florida show up at Wendy’s house and dragged snakey-poo by the whatever they grab him by and take him off to the snake pokey. Yeah I got it all figured out….WATCH out Wendy, I know there are more where that one came from, they are hiding in the yard…still!

I would go nuts, never go in the back yard again, immediately put the house up for sale and sell everything I own so I wouldn’t have to go back “there” again. CRIPES, I know it’s illogical, so is thinking that the eagles that fly overhead on a daily basis will spy my 4 pound cat and think of it as a tasty treat and swoop down on her only to find that she is just fur, bones and attitude. I also know it’s illogical that one of my very best friends is TERRIFIED of cats….how weird is that? What’s even more weird…it’s kind of therapeutic to write the word snake over and over again….makes them not so real!

4 thoughts on “Brave, who me?

  1. I am posting a furthere refinement about “Snakes on Planes” because I don’t want to troll down that far. Does art imitate life or do impersonators imitate really bad Samuel Jackson movies? I saw a clip on one of those really LOUD Entertainment Hollywood Access Insider programs. They were showing clips from a movie (I missed the title) The plane was crawling with snakes and the couple trying for the mile high club in the bathroom were being discouraged by a large snakey creature. Honest, I saw it with my own two eyes balls.

  2. So, let me get this straight… you don’t like snakes? Just a wild guess.

    Great pic of the eagle and cat!

    btw Royce, in case you never found out from your question in the “Snakes on Planes” post, I believe the 4 guys were Walken, Pesci, Nicholson and De Niro.

    I still think that guy is hilarious.

  3. To explore the Snake question just a bit more. Years ago during my Sci-Fi period I read a novella called “Dream Snake”. Post apocalyptic world somewhere, Earth like, aliens had visited and left some artifacts, some useful such as the Dream Snake. This small green snakes bite gives dreams like a narcotic. The healers have added the dream snake to the pharmacy in addition to a rattle snake that manufactures drugs and the third bigger snake did something else medicine like. The main story was about a young healer on her one year journeyman trip to heal and try to find out how to get her dream snake to breed. Very good read.
    And thanks for identifying the fourth guy, I obviously don’t watch enough De Niro to recognize parody. Eh….

  4. Actually, I think that I feel safer now. It’s that lightning won’t strike twice thing. I’m sure that I’ve used up my lifetime quota of calling the cops for boa constrictors. (Don’t anybody try to tell me different, la la la (hands over ears).)

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