Time is of the essence!

OK, I’m gonna need a show of hands on who can help me out here. I will need at least 14 volunteers to make this work correctly. So here’s the deal I wake up, look over at the clock and it reads 5:58am. Yup that’s about right so I get up I stumble to the tinkling place, then wash my hands and brush my teeth and head out to the kitchen to make coffee. As I pass back through the bedroom, I glance over at Sweet husbands alarm clock it reads 5:58am. hmmm, I’m fast! As I arrive in the kitchen I glance at the clock on the coffee maker, which reads 5:58am….I REALLY am fast. After feeding the meowing starving I haven’t had anything to eat all night kittens, I start on the coffee. I lean sleepily on the sink as I fill the coffee pot with water and glance to my right where there is a clock stationed above the telephone, it reads 5:58, I must truly be in a space time continuum. I finish with the coffee, turn around toward the stove where that clock reads 5:58 and the microwave above it has just clicked to 5:58. WTF!!!
So this is where you all come in…if we do this right and we have a point person with a very loud voice ( my voice projection doesn’t go past the end of my arm) we could coordinate all the clocks in the house to have the CORRECT freaking time! Ok so let’s meet say 6:00pm, but let’s not go by my time, it just might not work. Anyone, anyone?

8 thoughts on “Time is of the essence!

  1. I have been told often that Ihave a loud voice, I imagine You could probably hear me from here…

    I really enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. For a minute there it sounded like one of your riddles… you know 52 bicycles. Then I was thinking yer power went out and some stuff like that. At my house I have bedroom standard time and kitchen standard time, then of course I have yellow beetle standard time. Do you have any idea what would happen to the time continum if these were all synchronized? I shudder at the thought. I think that you should wait, take your time, don’t mess with the big picture here. Time is after all relative.

  3. Our clocks have their own time purposes. Bedroom is 20 fast so we can “fake” some more sleep. Kid’s bathroom is 10 minutes fast so they’ll be on time for breakfast. Livingroom clock is 5 minutes fast so you don’t miss the beginning of your CSI murder. The only clock right on the nuts is the stove clock. No reason, it just is.

  4. My house is like harmonica man, only some clocks are fast and some are slow. (I can’t remember why I once thought this was a good idea…) anyway, so moving throughout my house often involves time travel, as it will be 9:02 pm right now on my laptop (the only clock I can trust around here) but it’s 8:51 in the guest bedroom, 9:22 on my bedroom clock, but 9:15 in my bathroom. It’s 8:55 on the living room wall, but 9:10 on the coffee maker. What? 🙂

  5. I’d be of no use. Our clocks are never synchronized. I just habitually add or subtract minutes depending on the room I’m in.

  6. Comment on time keeping in Dillingham, Alaska. I navigate by my handy dandy travel alarm powered by one of those little round lithium batteries. Has not lost a second since I moved here over a year ago. My radio alarm clock, however, is dependent upon the regularly provided electicity that comes from the the local power grid said power which may be dirty. The radio has gained about a half an hour over the past year. Ain’t time travel fun? I now wake up to BBC interviews with shrill defensive highly accented English speaking interviewees. I am then prompted to leap from bed and start my day…earlier and earlier….sad to be temporally impaired.

  7. You think you have it bad? I have eleven clocks in my house. Maybe you should just get some of those clocks that automaticly set themselves by radio control. I had one and it worked great. Until I dropped it on the floor. OOPS. 🙂

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