I have this routine that is really boring, but effective. When I start my day at the computer, I check email, then I go to the web to read the newspaper. My homepage is the Seattle Times so I pop right there and get all the local news and other scoop, then I head off to the Idaho Statesman, CNN, USA Today, Washington Post and the New York Times. I don’t read every story, but cruise through, because I don’t really want to take a lot of time. This particular story in the Seattle Times really creeped my out though, I was a patient of this guy about 15 years ago, nothing bad happened but I didn’t stay with this guy, I think I moved and found my new present wonderful doctor. One thing for sure, the name is fitting.

6 thoughts on “eeeeuuuwwww!!!

  1. One of your news stops should be the little ol Messenger-Index. I wrote a letter and I am stirring up shit. Concerned citizen that I am. I even got some little old lady calling and telling that she was proud of me. It should come out on the internet in a day or 2. they are slow…..

  2. Creeeeeeeepyyyyyyyy! Ewww, you’re so calm. I think I’d be stirring up some shit, too! Every time I hear about a gyn who operates this way I just get furious. It is such a transgression of trust and integrity. Glad you didn’t stay with him!

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