I met another blogger!

On Wednesday of this week my sweet husband and I drove from Seattle to Boise to be in a food show. I am in a lot of food shows, but I haven’t been to one in Boise. I do have a brief history with Boise, I was born and raised about 35 miles NW of Boise. Can I point out that like the rest of the Country, it is hotter than shit here and not in a sexy sort of hot way. UGH! We go home today, to a reprieve in the weather to the low 90’s…wooo-weee!
So I had invited a blogger that I read daily to meet up with me at the food show and low and behold, she showed and up and guess what???? It’s my sister. ( newer slimmer sister, I might add) Well of course I knew it was my sister, but I’d never met her as a blogger before. So we had out own little blogger convention within the span of 2.5 hours. Actually we yukked it up and chatted in between me talking with customers and I sent her home with a boat load of food. I miss my sister, in fact I miss all my sisters….we are dangerous when we get together, when I say dangerous I mean funny, in a ha ha sort of way. We have lots of fun, because basically I can’t keep my mouth shut and as I told her yesterday, if I have an audience of anyone with hearing…I’M ON! So we hugged and talked and I passed on my Copy of “Parvenue Throws a Party” by Wendy Boucher (pronounced boo-shay). I will see my sweet sister in a few weeks and all my 6 siblings when we come back to Idaho for my mom’s 80th Birthday Party, a command performance has been issued. More fun and frivolity to be had…well now we have to drive from Boise to Seattle…good times!

3 thoughts on “I met another blogger!

  1. I had so much fun. Wendy’s book is on my bedside table to be picked and read tonight. The food was great!!! Everyone at work says come on back anytime and bring your leftovers.mmmmm! We are so damn good looking!

  2. Looks like you guys have a blast when you’re together! There’s nothing like that sisterly closeness.

    PS- Didn’t you think Wendy’s book is the bees knees?

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