Hell’s Canyon

When I last posted, my sweet husband and I were in Boise about ready to hit the road, hit it we did. We stopped for a map of Idaho printed in the current century and wound our way home the ‘long’ way. We (meaning I) thought it would be a great idea to go to “Hells Canyon” on the way home and then we could meet up with the interstate and zip on home. We left Boise roughly 8:30am, slathered on the sun screen, put the top down and off we went. We headed toward Emmett, where there is erected in honor of the place of my birth a shrine, no wait a minute that’s actually a fire station…my bad! We were detoured on several streets as a calamity had erupted and we were forced from the downtown. We didn’t know what it was so we kept going. Mom wasn’t home yet from her Alaska cruise, so no need to stop there, and we didn’t stop at Richards place, but did wave as we drove on. I’m sure Richard will never know that we were in town unless he reads this blog,which I doubt. If you do…see you in Sept. So on to Payette, the next town Weiser, which in spite of the way it sounds, is not an old horse. The little town of Brownlee was next, population 336 and then on the the teensy town of OxBow, population 176. I think most that population are employees of the Idaho Power Company, which is how I’m familiar with this neck of the woods anyway. My dad worked for Idaho Power for years and was at Hells Canyon working when I was a little girl, so on some weekends and that summer we would come up to see dad and be a general nuisance. I don’t recall how long he worked up there,perhaps I might get some insight from my siblings if they care to comment. Well by the time we got to the cutoff to go to Hell’s canyon Dam or to the road to the freeway, we wimped out and headed to the freeway. We’d already put the top up by this time cranked up the air and the tunes. Mostly our want/need to be home outweighed the 65 mile roundtrip drive into see North America’s deepest canyon. As I type this I think we should have gone to the right and not the left, but hindsight they say is 20/20. As is was we got home at 7:00pm anyway.

When Seattle gets hot (anything over 75) the city weeps. I however do not. I love the rare hot summer nights that we had last night and will most likely have tonight. Our Saturday was like this: After a nice rested night we got up and worked in the garden a bit before it got too hot. The expected high was in the mid 90’s so we weren’t out much. The delightful thing was the cloud cover that stayed until just after noon that provide a bit of relief. We had some errands to run for sweet step daughter’s upcoming 16th birthday, came home had a nice little nap and then we went off to the movie. Now I have these weird unwritten rules about movies. I won’t go to a movie when it’s nice weather, and particularly when it’s daytime, unless it’s hot. So it was hot, and we went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean Movie, quite enjoyable. While we had been out earlier we purchased some pork loin ribs, which marinated in BBQ sauce all afternoon while we were out. The ribs were going to take about 2 hours to cook so we set up the Scrabble board, made Key Lime martinis and set out under the apricot tree in the backyard challenging each other of our word knowledge. Sweet husband didn’t quite kick my ass, but if he hadn’t used all of his letters creating “forested” and not gotten the bonus, I would have won…but he did and it was still fun, until he told me ” You’re game has really improved” I took it as a backhanded compliment and didn’t even pout. Ribs were done, we dug up some of our very own home grown Yukon gold potatoes, zapped them, filled the wine glasses and set about to have a nice dinner. By this time is was becoming twilight so we started lighting all the torches and candles that we have hanging in the trees and various spots in the yard. We have hot pepper light strung on the wisteria trellis, those were one. The Chinese lanterns on the garden shed were plugged in and so were the Bigger Chinese lanterns that hang from the Patio umbrella. So the scene was perfect, GREAT company, hot summer night, great food, all perfectly lit. That my friends is why I garden.

6 thoughts on “Hell’s Canyon

  1. Your description of your evening in the garden is divine. Really smashing, dahling. You even got to play my favorite board game. Color me jealous.

  2. Hells Canyon, sweetie, you actually lived in Hells’ Canyon for part of one summer along with the rest of us Berglund chillun’s. The last little trip to Hell’s Canyon Dam itself yields vista of very narrow canyon from which you look way WAY up.
    Also, Ellen and I are hooked on Kate Walker, we got her through the university town and past the wall, on to Komwhatevergrad. Thanks, I have a nice new compulsion until I am reunited with all my books. Thanky!!!

  3. Well the last time we all were in Hell’s canyon was for a little family pic-a-nic. We all jumped into our own cars and caravaned to the last picnic area past the damn dam. No trees, just gravel and tables. Hot Hot Hot. While I was walking around I happened to look down and spotted about 20 to 30 very hardy but short marijuana plants. ??? Hey are these real? Before I finished saying real?? A family member ripped them out of the ground….the rest of the story I will tell in person. And no I don’t believe that you were there. But the rest of your siblings were, I think. As a little kid you will remember a certain video of me eating pie in the middle of the kitchen floor. We were in ‘Hells Canyon’ I think. Hell I don’t know I was a little kid.

  4. Your movie-going stipulations crack me up!

    And I wish I could get my husband to play Scrabble more often. I love it!

  5. I didn’t make the marijuana trip, but I did hear some details that you did not share, as you said, in private. We lived in the Pine Creek Mobile Park, were the big kids dammed up the creek to make a swimming hole. It is just a few miles from Oxbow on the way to Halfway OR. The cake video was at that location. It was the summer of my 6th year, fond memories, god I’m old!! I think I need the marijuana now.

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