Ice cold conversation!

Along with the rest of the US the Pacific Northwest has been exceptionally hot, and that makes my sweet husband very uncomfortable. This is not a news flash and I would really hate to see him in a place where there is actually humidity for any length of time, we had it hard enough in Florida in June. Well my dilemma yesterday was, I had to drive to Portland, as in Oregon, as in hotter than Seattle. I had a meeting this morning at 8:30 so I needed to be there last night. I didn’t want to get in the car particularly since we had just driven 13 hours over the last 3 days. ugh! But wait, my car is air conditioned!!!!! Cool! So I could have lamented that fact I wasn’t going to be home, my most favorite place in the world on my favorite day of the week,although we are without household AC. Or…I could leave, drive off for 3 hours in a cool air conditioned car, stop at an air conditioned restaurant for my evening meal and check into a nice cool air conditioned hotel room. Bye honey, see you tomorrow.
Imagine my delight 4 hours later as I’m lounging comfortably in my hotel room, when my cell phone rings….SWEET HUSBAND!
me “Hi Honey!”
SH “Hi Baby, how are you doing?”
me “I’m good, I had a nice drive, except for the piece of plywood that hit the car, but the car’s ok and so am I. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.”
SH “WHAT? You got hit…tell me. No wait, tell me how cool your room is, you know how some husbands call their wives and want to have phone sex, well let’s have AC sex. Tell me how cool your room is. What are you wearing? A parka, because it’s so cold? Is the AC on high? Please?”
me “Oh baby, I’m just reaching for my socks because I can’t get my feet warm, they are so cold. I’m thinking about calling room service for another blanket the room is so chilled. ooo, the socks feel so good on my cold cold feet. Oh the AC just came on again, I’d better go crawl into the bed to warm my chilled body. That is so nice, oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes.”
SH “I’m going to hang up and go take a cold shower”

see how we are?

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