Sweet 16 and all that stuff!

Today is Sweet Step Daughter’s 16 birthday and we took her and her friend Geneva to Sushi. It was so fun….we were in a booth and the food came to us floating in a big circle, on little plates, with really great food. I am not a frequenter of Sushi, as seafood makes me dead, so I didn’t have seafood, my meal was primarily vegetarian and it was quite yummy! We will go back!
Part of the conversation centered around the new Pirates of the Caribbean Movie. I had to laugh when Sweet Step daughter was asking who the Davey Jones guy was. She was curious as Davey Jones had also been on Sponge Bob Square Pants show, and he played a ghost on that show too. The conversation made me laugh, but then we just explained who Davey Jones was, explained all about the Davey Jones locker myth all along watching the sushi circle us like sharks. (Do you think they do that on purpose?) The Monkees Davy Jones didn’t even come up, for which I am thankful.
It’s good to be 16 and your best friend buys you a new swimsuit. Cute aren’t they! I did remind her that she is half way to 32 and life only gets better! and better and better and better!

5 thoughts on “Sweet 16 and all that stuff!

  1. OH and you know what I miss most about being 16? My METABOLISM. Tell her to enjoy that pizza and candy and soda now! heehee.

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