Hello world

Today our house got an unexpected gift from the neighbor. WE GOT AN IMPROVED VIEW! One of the neighbors across the street had this giant tree that looked like the monster out of “Where the Wild things are” by Maurice Sendek. The Spruce tree was big, overgrown and on many occasions would loose a limb or two during the winter. I often wished that it would blow over in a safe way, not hurting anyone but nonetheless come down. I wasn’t so concerned about having an improved view of Lake Washington and the mountains beyond, but more of removing an eyesore. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE trees, after all I live in Lake FOREST Park. Early this morning we heard chain saws and thought the tree dudes were just trimming up the tree for safety. So imagine my surprise when I arrived home a few hours later to the cacophony of chainsaws still at work. Sweet husband rushed me to the front window to show me that we NOW have a new and improved look see down the lake, all the way to Bellevue. I’m going to check Zillow tomorrow to see how much the house appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Hello world

  1. Didn’t they tell you? They’re cutting down the tree so they can build a 6 story motorhome barn in the new space. Oh, I’m so sorry.

  2. Zillow is a website you can go to determine what the market price of your home is…unless you live in Idaho, they havent’ discovered it’s a state yet.

  3. Love your new view! Hope Harmonica man isn’t correct in it’s replacement! 🙂 Have you seen that movie “Friends with Money”? It’s got a great secondary story line about neighbors and views. Your post reminded me of it.

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