"…the better to smite thee with"

As we were out running errands we saw this sign. I really don’t know if this was the upcoming sermon or tom foolery afoot, whichever it was, it made me laugh and take a picture. I made sweet husband go around the block to get this shot, because I didn’t think it would be there when we returned…um it wasn’t. hee hee.

9 thoughts on “"…the better to smite thee with"

  1. Thanks for your comment! Hey I’ve heard of the Davey Jones locker thing, but never knew the full story, I’m going to google it now….(in case you’re wondering where that came from I was reading one of your earlier posts.)

  2. I can honestly say that with all of my running around and getting up to no good. I never once messed with a marqee. I think that I may have missed out on something.

  3. Harmonica Man-I have no idea what this was supposed to say, but given the amount of space open, I think some letters were lifted.
    Gale- I seem to recall your best prank being able to sit and spin in the giant dryers at the laundromat.

  4. Um, sign makes me wonder about the phrase “Thy rod and thy staff comfort me”. Get yer minds out of the gutters, I meant what the words themselves actually represent. Staff of life ie; bread ooh food related text? Somebody stop me I am babbling. R
    Gee I’m sorry I missed the riding in the dryers episode.

  5. The churches in my hometown seemed to know in advance what the local teens would be up to.

    None of them used Marquee signs.

    pooh. 🙂

  6. Yes that was fun. But did I tell you that we were caught by Morley the cop? He just ushered us out of the laundromat. And we were obviously tipsy, of course.

  7. This is real? I mean, it’s just too awesome to be real.

    (Once I saw a sign that was for “sweet corn”, but it has been changed to read “sweet porn”. I am still lauging about it!)

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