YouTube – Where the Hell is Matt?

YouTube – Where the Hell is Matt?
For some weird reason I love this goofy dance. This is a story that was in the Seattle Times this morning. Must be nice to have someone pay your way to go dance across the globe, but I really find this inspiring. This is jealousy speaking. I love to travel.
I’m sure sweet husband and I can come up with something. Lemme see…Gardening around the Globe…..I know housesitting around the globe. I’ll keep you posted. Hey I thought of something, what if people sent US stuff to have their picture taken with us and then we posted it on the web. I think we’d have to define some rules such as NO LIVE ANIMALS or deads ones for that matter.

11 thoughts on “YouTube – Where the Hell is Matt?

  1. what fun. did he visit these places in the order of the video? i loved the music. sorry about the no caps, i am have a wee bit of a hangover and must stay calmmmmmmm – read my email. i think that i hugged everyone last night. some of them more than once. rocky just sat back and grinned, he may have a hangover too. more coffee

  2. That is a great movie. Matt sure gets around. I have been to four or five of those places, but I never will be to all of them. Proof that I have been in the same place in Seattle.

    I am so jealous of him.

  3. Thanks for the links, very charming video and I loved the music. So, please post a picture of YOU wearing the “Kentish Maid” blouse I sent you anonymously a few weeks ago. Let’s get this viral video started!!

  4. Ain’t it bizarre how some people seem to be able to figure out something just weird enough to allow them to do stuff like this? All it takes is a little imagination and a TON of luck.

  5. I know! Combine your last two posts and do a “Port-A-Poty Around The Globe” sort of thing. πŸ™‚

    okay, maybe not.


  6. Gale- from reading his website, he edited the order of his dancing.

    yelo-I’ve been to a few of the same places as Matt, I’ll have to do a count.

    Royce, I’m outta film.

    H-Man- I think the quikier the better.

    Kigo- I think you’re on to something.

    Spoon, on his website he did say he wasn’t dancing the whole time. I fairly certain he spent WAY more time travelling to the places.

  7. I loved the video. I’m going to share it with Girlie. She’ll love the dancing. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. Actually, what I plan on doing is taking pictures of other peoples yardwork/home improvement and if they pass muster (what the hell does that mean?). I am going to give them the Mitch and Carla award. Post it on the internet. Pretty soon some big home improvemnt company will learn of this great idea and the $$ will come rolling in. You of course will get to travel to these places and give advice. I even have the first recipient, right here in little ol’ Emmett. Only problem is I have 3 maybe 4 people that read my blog. It is just a matter of time before you are dancing under your wisteria waving a check. Ta Da

  9. I’m on board….it could possibly blossom (pun intended)big time, except for the fact we have no experience approving muster, only us. Let me know what I need to do!

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