Airport exchange program- A RANT

My Sweet Husband and I love to travel and we carry our luggage on, stow them neatly in the overhead bin, take our seats and viola’ we’re practically there. Not any more, I will now check my luggage and wait at that end of the trip. We travelers are getting squeezed by simply carrying on our various lotions, make up potions and liquids IF we opt to we carry them on. So if I have a carry on bag and NO checked baggage, and I have liquids, this is what I propose. A liquid exchange program. You leave all your various liquids, and lotions behind at the security check point, receive a token for what you left behind and pick up items on the other end of your trip, where they too have dumpsters of liquid necessities. It’s MAGIC, I propose this for a variety of reasons, there would be less garbage going into the landfill, it’s a very basic recycling plan that will help all of our pocket books, it’s all voluntary if one wants to participate, and by the time I get to my destination I just might need that bottle of tequila I spy in the security dumpster that had been abandoned unwillingly I’m sure. As it stands right now I have 3 upcoming air travel trips and I am not looking forward to the security wait, but I will do it, and we will adjust as travelers and wait for the other shoe to drop. Some folks are proposing naked travel, I supposed that would increase the numbers for the mile high club, and in turn create it’s own set of problems. Oh yes, I forget to mention, that I DO feel much safer now, but what do you suppose is the next banned item…any guesses?

6 thoughts on “Airport exchange program- A RANT

  1. Rocky says it is a dandy idea. I personally think that all unopened items should be recycled to food banks, halfway houses, homeless shelters. It would be I assume mostly toiletry items? Besides the odd bottle of tequila which come to think of it would be greatfully recieved. Anyhoo, you hardly ever see them handing out moutwash or shampoo. give it to the people who can’t afford to fly. Just a thought

  2. I heard on the radio today that for some reason, some airlines don’t allow you to bring your own magazines on board any more? Wah-huh? What’s up with that crap?

  3. Um, next thing to be banned PERMANENTLY will be CARRY ON LUGGAGE unless you want to cough up an extra 50 bucks. As soon as the carriers realize that turnaround time drops because Uncle Doofus isn’t trying to cram a 45 lb bag into the overhead, carry on’s will be toast.
    Sad but true.

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