Garden party

One of our very nice neighbors planned and invited all the neighbors on both sides of the street for 3 blocks to his house this afternoon, for hamburgers hotdogs and a visit from the city fire truck. This was a planned visit for the kids to learn about the truck and even Mayor Dave showed up. (Not even a campaign year) We have lived in this neightborhood for 4 years come Sept and we’ve met a lot of people, but this was a great way to meet the ones in a different direction. We found out that litte Junior Achiever has a mother an additional 5 siblings, two great danes and three cats. I had him peg all wrong, he just wanted to get out of the house.
We are the newcomers in the hood, most everyone at the party had been in their homes decades, most in fact longer than Sweet Husband and I have been on this earth. When we would ask about people moving into this neighborhood, they said they use to live down the hill, so they only moved a few blocks. A cool thing was the way people could identify where each other lived. We are the people on the corner with the new rock wall. There were the neighbors of the people that just cut down a tree. We met the woman that lives in the house that is painted toothpaste green. And don’t forget the people with the wisteria running across the top of the garage. I guess what I’m saying is we pay attention in our neighborhood.
We learned our neighborhood is very diverse and I like that. There’s lots of kids that aren’t afraid to talk to adults and adults that don’t threaten kids. We had a very nice time and we will meet again, when many come to our house, because they found out we have rhubarb and now I will make a pie.

5 thoughts on “Garden party

  1. I have a nice rundown neighorhood. With a neighbor who is invisible, he only appears when we piss him off. So far this year he hasn’t come over to call us names. At any rate our neighborhood keeps my taxes low. It is lovely living on the wrong side of the tracks. 🙂

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