You can leave your hat on!

ALERT ALERT ALERT. I am going to talk about alcohol in this post! I’m going to talk about how we like it and how it enhances our lives, (we-being sweet husband and I). We like to drink martinis and have come up with some concoctions that we find quite suitable. I like mine dirty, sweet husband, not so much! We VERY rarely drink a toddie away from home. We figure we make them better and they are cheaper, and we NEVER drink and drive. I figured out long ago if we want a cocktail at home then by gum I best get to the liquor store prior to. We have preferences in liquors and have taken a shine to gin and vodka MIXED with a teensy bit of vermouth. Now before you all get your knickers in a twist, this mixed bit of alcoholic pleasure came about only because we HADN’T been to the store before settling in at home for the evening, and that was all we had in the house..
We like the olives and most recently found some bleu cheese stuffed olives that are quite tasty especially after they have been taking a plunge in my martini. I perhaps have one drink and that’s it for the evening. When either one of us have had an especially bad day (real or perceived) there will be a healing batch of the recipe awaiting in the freezer next to the chilled martini glasses. When we work out in the yard we calculate how many calories we used up so we can refill with a martini whilst having a hot bath. It’s our version of the Weight watcher point system, oddly enough it hasn’t worked.
On occasion we like to drink outside the box, so we play with a variety of new tastes. Sweet husband found that while we were in Orlando he liked the coconut martini garnished with the macaroon cookie. He also found a key lime martini that was garnished with graham crackers crumbs on the rim of the glass. Both are quite yummy and transfer well to being made at home. We for a while only drank an apple-tini…again quite yummy.
So now comes the disclaimer…we don’t drink a lot, we don’t drink every day or night, I didn’t even drink until I was 25 or so and then even not so much. I’ve had 3 hangovers in my life and that was 3 too many. And if you hadn’t noticed, our choice of gin is Brokers….over quite a few years.

9 thoughts on “You can leave your hat on!

  1. I used to think that a martini was only a gin/vermouth mix that I didn’t care for until they opened a beautiful martini bar here in town. Suddenly I was drinking strawberry/chocolate, peach, and apple pie martinis. Not your father’s Oldsmobile in any sense, but sure tasty nontheless!

    Oh, and I’m sure I’m missing something here, but what’s the significance of the derbys in all your pictures?

  2. Recently played a gig at a joint in Vancouver WA, called Bungalow Martini, their menu had more variations of the drink and ingredients than I could imagine. You want it, you can get it. Drink at home, it’s safer and cheaper, the prices were $8 a drink.

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