Say WA!

I have lived in the State of Washington for almost 20 years. Because of my job I drive a lot and I go a lot of places, mostly in the state of Washington. The other day I went someplace that I’d never been. The North Cascades highway, it is hands down the most beautiful place in Washington. The picture that I’ve posted today is of Ross Lake, smack dab in the middle of the beauty. I never had occasion to travel this road until just recently. The day was gorgeous, sunny, about 80 degrees, no humidity, perfect!
Sweet step daughter had been to Las Vegas with her mom and her boyfriend, and her report back, it was boring. Well geez, I’d say so, she’s only 16, not much to do for a kid in Vegas. Anyhoo, of course the second she lands back in the state she wants to hang with her friends, who are all at Lake Chelan. Lake Chelan is in Eastern Washington and many a folk have cabins and condos there to “go” to the sun when it absent from the western part of the state. Her “plan” was to ride with Jarrod a 16 year old who has been driving 1 day over 6 months. In our state kids can’t have other kids in the car with them until they have a whopping 6 months under their seat belt. So Jarrod is taking three of his buddies and our precious cargo with him to go see his girlfriend in Chelan. nuh uh! That is a 3 hour drive on mountains passes and we were not the least bit comfortable with it. We don’t even know Jarrod, but we are assured by the girlfriends dad that he is a “good kid”. That’s what they said about Jeffery Dahmer too. But with a car load of distractions, Road Trip 2006 wasn’t going to happen. So I was mentally insane for a few seconds and volunteered to drive sweet step daughter, to Lake Chelan, to her awaiting friends and WAY more fun than Vegas. Her buzz was harshed by not geeting to ride with the boys, but GET OVER IT! Sweet husband had to work so he wasn’t going to go along, but then he finished early so we waited for him and left a teensy bit later than we wanted. We stopped for breakfast and strolled into the condo around noon. We got a VERY feeble thank you, the bums rush and out the door we went.
Once we got in the car we fussed about how unapprecitive she was and she doesn’t participate in conversation and blabbidy blabbidy blah whaa whaa whaa, and there you have it. We could have easily said no and will most likely from here on out.
So we had purchased a Washington map that was actually published in this Century and decided to keep going north and drive the North Cascades Highway. Did you know there is a North Cascades National Park? I know it’s a bit of a hike for most of you (pardon the pun) but if you are ever in this neck of the woods check it out, it is truly spectacular.
On another note, the state of Washington has a new slogan, which I am VERY embarrassed to tell you about. It is so LAME that I can’t even go there, I seriously don’t know how someone took money for creating this motto. Yikes!
I tried to post more pictures, but booger has a limit today. Damn blogger!

6 thoughts on “Say WA!

  1. omigod! They did not just publish SaWha and and then say it is the sounds of jaws dropping?


    Lordy! At least here in our little burg we are the Gateway to the Future…

    Loved the pic! I will make it a goal to go to the North Cascades at some point.

  2. I agree with the new Wa slogan. Dorky.

    But beautiful country! You don’t have to convince me how lovely it all is! But I’ve never been to that area, so I’ll put it on my list. 🙂

  3. Are they serious about that slogan? That might be the worst one I’ve ever seen. It’s something from a Saturday Night Live skit.

    Pretty picture, by the way.

  4. I am in COMPLETE agreement with your decision to not let your daughter ride with a 16 year-old driver. We’re facing (and making) the exact same decisions and it’s not easy for the kids. Tough love. Tough luck.

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