Home SWEAT Home

My sweet husband and I will someday soon will own and operate a bed and breakfast or some sort of occasion facility. We are looking world wide and while we are doing our business study, we look for historic property or some really cool farm house with property or as we like to call it the “bumper zone”.
We have found some really cool websites on historic property and would LOVE to be the stewards of a historic place. We want to restore some form and function to an old Mansion, a farmhouse or a cool log cabin. Of the places that we have found, we are always aiming to have acerage. Somedays even now when we have worked so hard on our current home, we’re tired and I think we will NEVER be able to work any harder when we won’t have “outside” jobs, cuz like everyone else we’re not getting any younger. But in the same vein I am so excited to be able to buy back our time and put that hard work into our own future. It’s never occured to me to be anything but successful. We’ll keep you all posted because we might be coming to a neighborhood near you. In the mean time if anyone knows of some really cool place…

5 thoughts on “Home SWEAT Home

  1. Way cool! I know just how you feel.

    My wife and I nearly did the exact same thing. We even had a purchase agreement on a place but the deal eventually fell through because our deal was contingent and somebody else had enough cash to buy it our from underneath us.

    Good luck!!!

  2. Will you be needing the help of Juan and Inez? I hear they are now the proud owners of green cards and a set of 2nd hand tools.

  3. What a great idea.

    I had an older co-worker who bought a place in Mammoth (California) and when he and his wife retired, opened a B&B up there. It’s pretty nice!

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