Watch out HGTV! Here we come!

Will wonders never cease? A few folks have mentioned that sweet husband and I should have our own home improvement show based on the amount of projects that we tackle on a given day and that I feel compelled to tell you all about.

Here are a few of my thoughts on how we could approach “our” show. We can’t look pretty all the time. Pretty simply does not get the job done. I have specific clothes for jobs and my mammaries will sag because I don’t wear my best bra when I have projects. Gravity 2, Carla 0. I saved those good bras for important functions like trips to the dump or the hardware store or the liquor store….never know who you’re gonna see. What covers my old tattered bra is the Old Navy t-shirt with USA Flag on the front that I found at the bottom of the stairs that I use to climb on a daily basis. (1200 steps, a great work out…a future post) The shorts I wear have a loose zipper, so I spend a lot of time adjusting the front of my britches, and at the same time these shorts come in handy for wiping my hands of the Chinese red paint that I’ve been frosting the new planters with. So no, I’m not the fashion plate you obviously think I am.

I could go on about the hair, but that really is another post. Suffice it to say, I have hair issues. In fact I have VERY curly hair, but in early May 2006 I had my hair chemically straightened and finally decided just the other day that I would do it again, once it grows out. My hair has never been so healthy, and the reason is I can let it dry in it’s own perfect time and it lays next to my scalp like good hair should, not that unruly mop that created a 70’s style that we all want to forget.
So the hair is generally pinned up or pulled back, as long as it’s outta my face. Now because I am a vain wench, I do apply the teensiest of mascara and dark circle go away stuff. I don’t think it makes me look any better, I just feel good because I at least tried.

Now sweet husband is not as particular as I, and he has many clothes to show for it, we will soon need to move all of his work clothes into their own dresser, because he gets so caught up in the moment of the “project at hand” that he forgets to change clothes. It could be costly if I didn’t gently remind him to change sometimes. But he’s not about the clothes anyway, must get to work, I have things to build!

So the show could go like this…we want to build a pergola over the patio to keep the sun out in the summer and let the sun in during the winter. We don’t have a clue as to how we are going to do it, but we look straight into the camera and in unison we say we will “FIGURE IT OUT”! Neato huh? During the course of “figuring it out” the conversation eventually goes in the direction of food. We are both pretty good cooks and really good eaters so we figure we could also incorporate the cooking into the show. One week we could do 80% food and 20% project and vice versa the next show. How about that london broil, with the fresh tomato basil & mozzarella salad with the chopped greens accompanied by the french bread roasted garlic and the olive oil? Did you say wine? Ok! All the while we are doing a project or food we laugh and have fun, so it really could be a situation comedy ala home improvement cooking show. What say ye? Any suggestions on a title? We have one in mind, sorta.

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