The BIG Weekend!

Today feels like Friday, when it’s actually Thursday. Tomorrow we head off to Idaho as the summon had been issued to attend the Grand Dame’s 80th B-day par-tah!! So my point is how can something feel like something when there is really nothing to feel…huh? Friday is always Friday, but I think it is the knowledge of the impending weekend, which is total freedom, and that feels good. But as I say that, this weekend will be filled with activities completely out of our routine and most likely more busy than when we stay home. We have to get up earlier, which is early because we USUALLY get up at 5am. We will eat out alot, something we don’t do alot at home. AND we will see all my brothers and sisters and various relatives, something we haven’t done in a while. We are scattered far and wide across this great country, but if you hear the distant sound of laughter growing ever louder, then you know that we are all together and are having fun. I’ll keep you posted with pictures and funny stories to boot. So have a great Labor Day weekend dear bloggers.

2 thoughts on “The BIG Weekend!

  1. That picture is great! He must be thinking about how he could have left the toaster plugged in at home because he’s not looking at his target.

    You always have to keep your eyes on “the target”

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