Homeward Bound

So here we are, awaiting our flight back to Seattle, the Boise airport has screaming wireless internet access and I keep forgetting passwords, but I’ve gotten this far. I like going home, the weather is near perfect in September and I want to make soup to can for the winter…tomato basil of course. I’ll provide the recipe if anyone is interested.
I love my family, they are alot of fun. The one wish I would have is for us to spend more time together in a comfortable room with comfortable chairs where we can chat and laugh for hours at a time without the obligations of our lives and impending visits with other people. When one has 6 siblings there are a lot of other things for us to do, such as catching up with friends and other family so most of our time is limited to short snippets of visits.
The b-day extravaganza turned out ok. I have to admit I get all futsy when it comes to parties and entertaining. My goal was to limit the number of tupperware containers, but I figured it was a lost cause so I with drew and went with the flow. After all Gale was planning it all (wink wink). We had more than enough food, and lots of people I haven’t seen in decades. More than once I had people mention to me “how you’ve grown”. I had just mentioned to Sweet husband that a 47 year old adult generally doesn’t hear that much. But to the point, most people remember my brothers and sisters and I as little kids running around at our parents. I have lived longer out of Hooterville than I ever lived in it, so it’s no wonder.
I’m a bit sad right now as time is never enough and we have to go back to our own lives. I enjoy your company my sweet brothers and sweet sisters and sweet little mama, sweet neices and sweet nephews and all the sweet in laws, we have some fun don’t we. I will miss you until we see each other again, be safe, be courteous.

One thought on “Homeward Bound

  1. Sounds like fun! I had a family event this weekend, too, but it was a pretty small one. I love cooking and entertaining and hanging out with family, though!

    Fun, fun, fun. 🙂

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