I was a bonehead and decided to try Blogger Beta….that was the wrong thing to as now people can’t even comment and I in turn can’t comment on their blogs. This is very frustrating. and I am working to go back to what I had, but so far I can only find useless “groups” and no where to email questions that might actually get answered. I will keep you posted and might even move on to a different blogging format. If anyone has any bright ideas I love to read them but as you know, NO COMMENTS! Stay tuned.
This is what was posted on BLOGGER HELP:
Users who have not switched to Blogger in beta will not be able to login to comment on blogs that have been switched. Commenting using the “anonymous” or “other” options will still work.

6 thoughts on “ALERT! ALERT!

  1. I really want to try the beta, but I’ve decided to let other people try first.

    It’s like entering a dark cave. I want somebody else to go in first.

  2. Aha! I thought I was losing my mind on your previous post because it wouldn’t take my comment, yet other “Blogger” sites were working just fine. Thanks for the heads up on the whole beta thing. I probably would have tried that eventually and then been stuck in this same boat. Good luck!

  3. personally after reading about the beta bad stories, I will not change over. Unless everyone else does then I will probably join the lemming herd.


  4. So are you going to keep this wonderful new invention or change back? Or as Dr. Phil says, hows that working for you?

    de sister

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