Hi ya, here I am!

So sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I am currently in beautiful downtown Spokane Washington. I was going to fly but it would have taken me exactly the same amount of time to stand at the airport and wait, in addition to the one hour flight. It’s a pretty drive and it might be the last chance to drive with the top down on the convertible for a while.
I put forth a challenge, or let’s call it an exercise. Participation is voluntary, but I would like to hear where everyone was on Sept 11 and more specifically if you feel safer today than then. I have my own little story of that week that I plan on posting on Monday. So if you feel up to it, let me know and I can put a link on this blog so others can read and comment. Blogger may have gotten the comment thingy fixed, but if not, use anonymous and tell me who you are and I can figure it out from there.
Anyone? Anyone?

7 thoughts on “Hi ya, here I am!

  1. I remember like it was yesterday. I had left for work and was listening to the local talk radio station when they broke in and mentioned that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. At first it was believed to be a small plane. I remember driving, thinking, wow that sure ruined that pilots day. It was a very short time later that they mentioned the next plane. Then I knew that it was a much bigger issue. When the next plane hit the Pentagon I was freaking out and still driving to work. Leo was in St Louis on business and I had been calling him with each update. I guess that I felt helpless because I was alone and scared. I remember it as a very sureal day with every turn. I am sure that I will forget the feel from that day.
    As for feeling safer, I do when I fly, but will probably always feel that the world will never be the same. Take each day as it comes and never forget what was done to us. Don’t ever forget those that lost their lives or the cowards that believe they had a right to take them.

  2. What a nice idea. A sort of remembrance. I’ll post my memory of that day on Monday, too, so you can link me if ya want. I’ll link yours as well.

    I do feel safer in some ways, because security is now so tight in so many places, but sometimes the extra security makes me feel less safe. When I see armed guards in places where they didn’t used to be, or have to walk past National Guardsmen at big events and stuff, it just reminds me how the world is so different than before.

  3. I was duped! I wrote a whole huge comment and then lost it – crap!

    I’ll try again…

    I was on my way to work and first heard about it on public radio. It took a few hours before the whole magnitude of what was happening really sunk in. The day just got darker and more surreal as it went on after that.

    I’m not sure I feel any safer today because I don’t believe the terrorists will ever try to target the things we are so openly trying to protect. Their whole point is to hit us where we’re the weakest and most vulnerable and when we least expect it. Don’t mean to be such a downer but that’s just how I see it.

    By the way, since we’re talkling about 9/11 – in case anyone is interested, check out all the bloggers participating in the 2996 project this weekend here. My tribute can be found here. Thanks.

  4. I was home all day glued to the television. I couldn’t turn it off. It did compel me to get in contact with everyone that I seemed to be fueding with. Life is too short to push people out of your life. It can be taken away in a blink of an eye. I would like to think I am a kinder and more forgiving person because of the awful events of that day.

  5. I was several months into my first retirement and fast asleep, Jody burst into the bedroom yelling turn on the TV and I spent the next three days glued to the tube. I was dazed and confused and madder than hell, that feeling hasn’t changed much in five years.
    I have always felt safe in my own country, but being the perfect politically correct society will be our demise. 80 year olds and toddlers should not be targets of the TSA. Do I feel safer, not really, but I don’t feel any more in danger. These guys are slow and methodical, look at the history. It’s just a matter of time.

  6. My daughter, then two, was having a playdate at our house with twin girls a little older than her. The other mom and I had to keep the television turned off because we didn’t want the kids watching it. It was agony not knowing what was going on. Later, when I could, I glued myself to the television for hours and hours and hours.

    I don’t feel safer. I love to travel in and out of the United States and frankly, since this botch of a war, I feel less safe when traveling. But I keep at it because it’s what I love to do with my family.

  7. For some reason, I missed the news and I drove to work, parked, walked in and everyone and I mean EVERYONE was huddled around the TV in the hospital lobby. I asked what was going on and someone said that the World Trade Center building had collapsed. What!? Both of them? The rest of the day was worky worky and then glued to television. I remember surfing the channels and even MTV was covering the day. I just couldn’t believe that jets could bring down such huge buildings. I also remember the main image from the early coverage, the shots of those three shards of the building poking up. I thought that someone should save them for the future tasteful memorial. Meanwhile we have more tortuous travel. I find myself wishing that Bill Gates and the DOT would perfect AutomotivePilot version 1.0. I would dearly love to get in the care, punch in my destination and relax for the next several hours.
    I fully support our troops, but I do wish we would push diplomacy a bit harder.

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