No, I’m not a pirate today, I’m frustrated with blogger. I even had the coolest picture for today that may or may not be visible. I have written a few posts lately and THEY WON’T FREAKIN POST!!! I was contacted by the heads of blogger and there is no going back to Non-beta blogger unless I want to just stop and start all over. So please be patient with me and my blogger tardidness.
When I am bored I do things I don’t normally do, like listen to ringtones on my cell phone. Last night as I sat in my hotel room in Portland Oregon, I wanted to find the perfect ring so when sweet husband calls me I know EXACTLY who it is….um my phone never rings unless it’s him, so I’m fairly certain the search for the ringtone was futile, but I digress, which might actually be more interesting… There’s a lot of crap out there that pass for ringtones. But alas after wading through The Dukes of Hazard and P Diddy (oops, sorry Diddy, no P) and way too much of what must be fine musical endeavors, I found the perfect tone. My phone swallowed up the two necessary credits and I’m ready to go, except for one thing, I CAN’T FIND IT ON MY FRIGGIN PHONE. You don’t suppose Blogger has something to do with this do you?

4 thoughts on “ARRRRGGGG

  1. I have a pretend cell phone; you know one of those trac phones that does nothing but allow you to speak to someone. I never leave it on and no one has my number so that pretty much levels the playing field. It’s kind of like that old joke about the very conservative New England man who had a phone installed. One day a neighbor called on him for a visit and during the visit the phone started ringing and he didn’t answer it. The neighbor asked him if he was going to answer the phone. “No, sir. I had the phone installed by MY convenience!”.

  2. What is this evil thing called Beta Blogger anyway? I’ve seen a couple of other people step into this fatal trap and they’re equally as frustrated. What a gyp – you try something new that they’re promoting and YOU get burned!

    Sue ’em! Sue ’em I say!!!

  3. You’re in Portland, Oregon? Still? How long? If you’ll be in town on Thursday, then link to my email addy via my Blogger profile. (If ya can.) We’re having a girls night out that will be sorta low-key-ish, but very, very fun!!!!!!

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