Grapes, about 10cm

I have on my desk a coffee mug, approximately 10cm in size, full of pencils and pens. It also holds my ruler and a pair of scissors. On the mug itself is a picture Goofy-snorkeling. I have on my desk some groovy little speakers that are just over 10cm, they have full sound and I love to listen to music from my computer. The wireless mouse I use, approximately 10 cm, is awesome. I will never go back to one that’s not wireless. And yes I would pay $250.00 for a wireless keyboard THAT IS BACK LIT and the accompanying wireless mouse, but I’m not gunna.

I have a fibroid tumor on my inside hoo-hoo about 10cm, that will be removed today, so I will not be able to read or write posts for a few days. I’m ok with that,knowing that the internets is in the care and safety of such fine people as you.
I have many pictures to share of the Puyallup Fair with you, some canning stories and I’m sure some stories from the hospital….so I will get better soon.

I have put a humor restraint on my sweet husband, so we tried to laugh as much as possible yesterday, cuz it won’t be pretty for a few days. So you all go get your ruler, metric of course, because that’s the language of doctors and measure a few things to see just how freakin big 10cm is. (is that a dangling participle?) And think of me and my small family of fibroids, yes there are some smaller ones too and how much room I will have when they are gone. See you in the funny papers.

7 thoughts on “Grapes, about 10cm

  1. I am sending you a dozen virtual flowers;
    @#=+=+ x 12. That was a dozen roses. Please imagine the red roses the green stems and leaves.
    Get well soon. Oh yeah, 10 cm looks like about 4 inches on my litle metal ruler, that sounds like lots more room but wait for the swelling to go down. Bye for now, Love R

  2. Best wishes to ya, darlin’. The women in my mother’s family have all struggled with these specially placed fibroid tumors, so I wonder if it won’t be my turn someday, too.

    Have a fast and easy recovery and we’ll hold down the internet for ya while yer gone. πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve been where you are and you are going to feel so much better. I know its a pain. I hear that ice cream is the best pain medication. Feel better soon.

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