I don’t make a very good sick person.

I don’t know, maybe I was gone that day or simply I’m not hip to all the womanhood benefits, even after all these years. But I think I’m about the blow the lid off of something so big I might get kicked out of the club. I have been told COUNTLESS times that it takes no less than 6 weeks to feel the teeniest bit better after having a hysterectomy. Um, today is day 7, that’s 168 hours and here’s what I’ve done so far.

I stopped taking perscription pain meds on Thursday evening. I have however been taking Vitimin I every 6 hours, minimal, very minimal pain, if any. I drove myself on Saturday to have a pedicure. Saturday night we went out to a near by restaurant to celebrate Sweet Husband’s B-day! On Sunday, I drove to the hair dresser to get dyed and even took a walking side trip to buy two new chairs. Granted, we had already picked out the chairs, we (I) just hadn’t made up our minds. At this point it pays to walk slow, because the sales woman gave me an extra 10% off. SWEET!

I am now dressing in actual clothes and I worked from home today. Tomorrow I plan to go the office for little while. Now you might be wondering just which type of surgery I had….it was the right to left cut you wide open kind. Invisible stitches and little pieces of tape to hold me together. Don’t get me wrong I haven’t signed up for any marathons, not in this lifetime. The only way I have ever ran is if something or someone is chasing me. I am taking it easy, but I amazed at my healing. Even sweet husband is watching me like a hawk to make sure I’m obeying orders. I promised NOT to go to the office today, but not tomorrow.

So here’s where it gets tricky. I am writing this on the internets, will someone find out and tell all women that they don’t really need all that time off, or am I being a doofus. Yes, we all heal differently, perhaps I am a good patient with excellent genes. But won’t someone find out and know from simple deduction that the 6 weeks is just a ploy to have time off, to straighten the house, go on a holiday and lounge about the house, and maybe be pampered a little bit? Like I said, I didn’t get that memo. One more thing….did you know that you can pretty much watch Star Trek all day long?

4 thoughts on “I don’t make a very good sick person.

  1. Oh nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I had been counting on that holiday one o’these days!!!!! 🙂

    Thank God my sweet dear hubby don’t read blogs. 🙂

    Seriously, glad you’re feeling so wonderful in such a short time. You seem to have such a great energy about life that it seems no surprise that you heal quickly. Vitamins are also a real help during healing. (As are bonbons.) 🙂

  2. YOU TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!! For one thing, you don’t want some weird extra scar tissue in there from all that premature getting around. For another, when my turn comes, I want my six weeks. I’ll need it. I remember what it was like to recover from a C-section. Probably similar.

  3. My health is excellent,but if I could get a 10% discount I might walk very slowly and tell all shopkeepers that I’m sick. With my luck, though, they probably wouldn’t care.

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