End of Summer, and other things.

Today marks the end of me lounging around, being waited on hand and foot by sweet husband. Gone are the leisurely days of eating bon bons and reading fat books. My love affair with Star Trek will be hampered by the need to actually work. And all the time off I had, it finally struck me, I could have really used 6 weeks off after all. There are so many things I could have gotten done. So I will now focus on upcoming vacation……buuuhahahahaha (rubbing of hands together). Don’t get your knickers in a twist, we are going to Vegas, to play and relax,barring any disasters. but not for a few weeks. But I have to use my sick time, it seems my goofy company used all my vacation hours when I requested time off for surgery, dur! Oh well, it will all end well, I suppose, like it always does. So today also ends my staying put for a while, I’m off to Portland, again! I should freakin move there, but then I’d have to travel to Seattle all the time. Perhaps the halfway point….nay, I like my house too much!

5 thoughts on “End of Summer, and other things.

  1. Better check a map. I think the halfway point might be on top of a mountain. If you moved there, you might get off to a very rocky start. 🙂

    Hope you enjoy your trip to Vegas.

  2. Hopefully one of these days you will be in Portland on the night of one of our girl’s night out parties! The one for October is the 20th, which I believe is a Friday night…

    Glad you’re better and back on your feet, but sorry you didn’t take 6 weeks to be waited on hand and foot! 🙂

  3. Instead of moving to Portland, tell the people they need to meet with you at your house! eh?

    then you do not have to go anywhere!

  4. Just don’t buy into that crap about “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

    We want the saying to be “What happens in Vegas ends up on Carla’s blog!”

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