ok, so I haven’t been that entertaining lately!

The other day my sweet husband used the words that NO ONE wants to hear. I had been feeling so well that I thought I could swing a couple of food shows last week. Just in case you might not know what is involved in a food show, or even knew they existed, they are quite time and energy consuming. On top of the fact that there just wasn’t anyone else to participate in these food shows, I had to do them myself. I am a food broker and the means that I sell food to distributors and grocery stores. So in order for the customers to know what we have to sell, we have food shows. If I had a dollar for every food show I’ve attended, I could probably retire.
To the outsider they sound like tons of fun, you get to taste great foods and when it’s time to break down you trade with other vendors for something they have. So I usually come home with a bunch of goodies and all is good. This time I got a bottle of champagne, a hunk of salami and the greatest feta in the whole world. I will go out of my way to pay retail for this item, eventhough if I begged long enough I could get it for a good trade. It usually retails for about 10 bucks, but it’s worth it. But then I traded some dandy desserts that are so good I can’t eat them anymore.
So it was a good show, but here’s where the words come into play. I got really tired and I worked to hard and my sweet husband said to me, “I told you so”. So I laid low over the weekend, really low, like about the width of a TV remote low, cuz that’s all I did was watch TV, or at least I tried. I could never be a TV critic, borrrrrriiiiinnnnnggggggg! But I rested, relaxed and laid low. I don’t like hearing I told you so, how about, honey you overdid it, now sit down and rest for the next 60 or so hours. But hey, you guys got to learn about some new groovy foods. Wait til I tell you about my hummus line! The picture is of a new line called DUOS, which will be featured in O magazine in the November issue, so we should see a hit then. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “ok, so I haven’t been that entertaining lately!

  1. Yep, okay, I’m one of those who thinks that a food show would just be absolutely amazing fun! Although in my many sales jobs I’ve worked a lot of different trade shows and even ones with perks sure do wear a girl out! 🙂

    Hope you had a good rest and glad you got some good treats!

  2. Yeah, if you ever have a food show near the CoosBay Northbend area (odds extremely low) let me know, I’ll help. I can hand out samples like crazy…and politely drool.

  3. I have a great Hummus recipe, I don’t remember the ingredients, but it shore do taste good. Glad your feeling better, but take it easy girl.

  4. I love middle eastern foods. A lot of people don’t like things which are sour but I am definately not one of them. I can even eat feta by itself as a snack cheese. It has so much character. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a truly expensive feta, though. Maybe I should try one.

    Be good to yourself and try not to overdo things. Hubby is right.

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